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My International Just Do You Seminar AND Extension Combined!

The feedback on my seminars has been extraordinary but the resounding please was for more time and more extension work.

  • If you are wanting to discover or extend your gifts
  • Have done a course but wanted much more time & practice
  • Want to lead a life in tune with your intuition
  • Simply want a community or development group but haven't connected locally

In response to these needs have combined for you a condensed seminar as your introduction then several weeks of classes & extension exercises for our intuitive gifts, grounding, clearing and also for your personal empowerment and boundaries.

Now you can also have access to this support for a full year giving you time to strengthen your re-framing and self-awareness practices and to really learn how to access and extend your spiritual gifts PLUS full access to my media libraries of my recorded teaching, energy processes, chat topics & extension videos.


You do you, your way, its perfect!

You can explore this course in any way that resonates with you.

- You may want to dive in and go through the classes in one go then go back to let it all come through for you.

- Or take each week to do each topic and delve into the supporting exercises, meditations and energy chats by topic.

- Maybe going through the libraries are likely to work with your energy flows. Or you may want to be in the private group forum and discussing these steps or discoveries with each other.

- Perhaps support is the most important thing and you allow the flow of your life to guide you into the topics or healing you need, including our work on grief, consent, loss and endings or beginnings.

It can be written or entirely practical, with your own cards, music, crystals or using mine as examples. This course does have some light quizzes more for learning styles that prefer that kind of mental interaction but nothing is tested or graded. Worksheets are simple but engaging.

You are fully in control of your own journey and the more you make time for these tools the faster and deeper your foundations and extension can be. Trusting in your path you can take time away and come right back when you are ready, or do more meditations when on holiday or more exercises when you are seeking answers.

PLUS included are 2 flipbook e-publications of my book Just Do You and of the companion Empowerment Cards so that you can print your own versions to use immediately!

My library is included free too and all artists are credited in the videos and in the Libray Media Catalogue for MP3's or images too.


Take the time to learn to access your own truth, reach for your gifts & learn in a gentle, rhythmic and unconditional environment

What you will be exploring and how this will work

You are important. It is important you have the time and space to discover your truth and your strengths.

Once you are aware of your truths you naturally align your choices to these new values.

Respect is re-learned as your soveriegn right,

And you are able to hold space when others are not in their best versions.

You will be more stable, able to choose self-care and love with great boundaries and understanding of all involved.

  • Online access to both our condensed Just Do You Seminar and 6 week Course plus ongoing topics all include extra meditation options, exercises and energy chats.

  • Accessible for 12 months so you can allow the flow of your life and still prioritise your choices to receive support and allow time for your own growth.

  • Worksheets and simple guides to your clairvoyance, healing, empathic and telepathic gifts are included.

  • A private Facebook group forum for this soul family is included in your enrolment.



14-Day Money Back Guarantee

And to really make it easy if this resonates with you, you have a 100% risk-free guarantee.


Just Do You - Full Year Access

Start the next stage of your self discovery, empowerment and extending your intuitive gifts today!